Grass-fed beef from the other side of the fence.

About Greener Grass Farm

Greener Grass Farm is located in the rolling green hills of northeast Missouri. Greener Grass Farm has been in the family for more than 100 years and is now owned and managed by Steve Helphingstine. Steve began farming in 1971 and after a brief (17 years!) stint in corporate America, returned to the farm to set up a sustainable farming operation using a rotational grazing system for raising grass-fed beef. Steve's efforts to return the farm to the grass pastures for which it is best suited have reversed erosion on parts of the farm that had been in row crops for too many years. Steve continues to improve the quality of the soil of Greener Grass Farm by planting legumes and clearing scrub brush so that the hardwood trees that provide winter shelter for the cows can thrive.

A true steward of the land, Steve is constantly working to make Greener Grass Farm the side of the fence cows want to be on.